“I wanted to restore my great grandmother’s dining set which consisted of five dining chairs and a large dining table. The chairs were in need of structural repair as well as reupholstering and the dining table was in desperate need of cleaning, refinishing and polishing. I looked up “antique furniture repair” online and found that Rafael was only four miles from my home in Everett.
  I went to his website and contacted him by email. Rafael responded very quickly and offered to come to my home so that he could give an accurate estimate for the work that needed to be done. Rafael was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. He told me upfront what needed to be done and how much it would cost. I was very impressed with his estimate and very excited to finally restore my dining set!
  Rafael was in contact with me via text or email the entire time. I was always aware and informed of the progress. He did an amazing job refinishing my table as well as stabilizing and restoring the chairs. I was as well extremely impressed with Rafael’s friend, Semir, who did the reupholstering of the five chairs. They came out beautifully! I have many antique furnishings that are in need of restoration and I will be bringing my business back to Rafael and Semir.
Thank you!”
    – Sarah

  “My husband and I were very lucky to be given a 1909 Steinway baby grand piano, but the piano was in very rough shape: the lid had terrible water damage and cracking and the rest of the piano was damaged badly as well. Raf did an AMAZING jog refurbishing our piano and making it a beautiful piece again. Raf did some of the work in his studio and some in our home, so I was able to see the painstaking work that went into reviving this piece. I appreciated Raf’s discussing the different options & tradeoffs with me and am so happy to have this piece part of our home now!”
    – Ashley E.

 “After suffering 86 years of damp and dirty basement environments, Rafael did an amazing job at bringing back to life my 1931 Philco radio. Having taken up residence in my grandparents’ basement in 1931, and subsequently relocated to my parents’ basement some 40 years ago, this heavily neglected radio was in desperate need of some serious tlc. Rafael’s skillful restoration techniques brought back to its former glory the beautiful finish that was once thought lost to time and abuse. My family and I are highly impressed with the end result. Should I find myself in need of such skills again I certainly would not hesitate to seek his services.”
    – Bob K.

 “My antique chest was damaged during a recent move. The top was cracked, right leg was loose and missing a carved piece. My neighbour told me about Rafael’s work. Thankfully Rafael was available, and was able to start within a couple of days. 2 weeks later I had my antique chest back, looking impeccable and done at a reasonable price. Thank you Rafael!”
    – Matthew G. 

  “My interior designer wanted me to restore my 19th century upright piano. It needed to be refinished and then french polished. Work was done in my house, and took around a month. I saw the work that went into it, Rafael definitely knows his craft really well. I also had a small piano stool, that was color matched perfectly to the piano. Incredibly happy with the attention to detail and professionalism. I have more furniture to restore, I will be reaching out to Rafael again very soon.”
    – Ingrid

  “If you are looking for am antique furniture restorer in Boston or Malden area, definitely reach out to Rafael. His work is impeccable, not to mention very reasonably priced!”
    – Thomas K

Rafael was so good to work with - he made sure I was going to be happy with the final product and consulted with me throughout the process. The antique table with 7 leaves we picked up on Craigslist came out beautifully! I would absolutely recommend him and use him again in the future! Thank you for all the hard work Rafael.
Andrea Martinez
About 15 years ago, I found this original teak coffee table off of Craigslist for $30 because it was listed wrong and I’ve now seen it on various sites for $2K+. Needless to say, the last couple of years I’ve been trying to find someone to fix it up and thanks to Mark from @upstairsdownstairsantiques - he gave me Rafael’s info and I truly cannot speak highly enough about him. So wildly talented and beyond kind. I’m extremely picky and the things I have, I love. This post is a shoutout to Rafael and below is his contact info for anyone who needs any work done. Given how long it took me to find him, I wanted to share. The best part is he picked it up and dropped it off to me which makes it an effortless process, especially living in Beacon Hill.
Siobhan Marie Keenan
Rafael did amazing work on our dining room table and Morris chairs. I couldn't be more pleased with the finished products or the experience of working with Rafael. The dining room table ended up being quite the effort due to the finish that needed to be removed, including from the detailing in the legs, and his work was impeccable. And I am thrilled that we are able to showcase my great-grandfathers' chairs in our living room. In addition, Rafael is incredibly knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. What a lucky find on the internet!
Maureen Neville
My antique dining room table needed some serious work!!! I googled and found Raphael and he was extremely responsive. He came and looked at the table, explained what he would do and made arrangements for it to be picked up. I couldn’t be happier with the results! It’s like a brand new table. I highly recommend hiring Raphael. He is very knowledgeable and talented. I am hiring him for additional work as well!!
Dianne Lescinskas
Rafael did an amazing job restoring my antique tables! He was great to work with and always responded to calls/emails very quickly. I highly recommend him.
Louise Doucette
Rafael was great, easy to work with, very accommodating, helpful, and personable, he actual recreated a missing carved mahogany spindle for an antique table that my parents bought on their honeymoon 70 years ago which was damaged by movers. He also cleaned up the table and did touch ups on the wood frame of my antique couch, which he also helped me get reupholstered, and makes house calls as needed. I would recommend him to anyone who needed these types of services, Thanks Rafael!!!
Allyson Lewis
Rafael is great at what he does! I brought him my parents' antique dresser, which got damaged during a move, and after he was done with it, all of the nicks and scratches were completely gone. He did a truly amazing job with the finish. Now it seems like the dresser looks better than it did fifteen years ago.
Arkadiy Chapko
I cannot say enough good things about Rafael. I couldn't be happier with the work he did on my chairs!!!!!!
Irina Gordeyeva

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